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Communication Solutions for Onboarding

Onboarding in a Post-Pandemic World

“Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%.”

Source: Glassdoor

Delivering a great onboarding experience is difficult in today’s digital, distributed world.  Traditional onboarding methods may not be possible during a pandemic or are simply outdated and not effective.  On top of that, how best to instill culture for new hires and provide connections and that feeling of belonging is a challenge for many organizations.

Provide a modern digital onboarding experience to new hires with GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®.  Our proven communication solutions are used by leading enterprises across the world to reach and engage employees on critical HR programs like Onboarding.

Great First Experiences

Make onboarding an experience, not just a process. Replace traditional onboarding with a modern day experience designed for a digital, diverse, distributed world.

Engage New Hires

Leverage the latest consumer approaches to deliver an impactful multi-month experience designed to keep new hires engaged. 

Automate and Scale Onboarding Experiences

Automate onboarding across overlapping employee groups and start dates.  Manage and deliver a consistent experience globally while collecting data to ensure your onboarding is working.

Customer Success Stories

Delta Dental creates an impactful onboarding experience for new hires over the first 90 days with continuous communications and tailored messages for different employee groups.


Adobe reimagines their onboarding experience by utilizing recurring campaigns and targeted messaging to reach and engage new hires worldwide.


Radisson increases retention with highly-engaged employees by having managers create a consistent onboarding experience across its diverse employee population.




Return to Work GuideBook

Creating a Culture-First Onboarding Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

Design the onboarding experience you need to drive your onboarding program goals.

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Reimagine the Onboarding Experience

Best practices for reimagining the onboarding experience with today’s digital and distributed workforce.

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Crafting an Onboarding Communication Plan

Effectively communicate onboarding to new employees by creating a modern digital onboarding experience.

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Continuously Improve the Onboarding Experience By Measuring What Works

Kohi Easwarachandran, Direct of Product Management, shares how to make the most of communication engagement data in order to drive your organization’s onboarding program.

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