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Change Communications Solutions

Successfully Implement

Strategic Initiatives

Don’t rely on word of mouth or individual department heads to implement new software, business policies, or programs. When launching strategic initiatives, think beyond implementation to adoption and behavior change across the enterprise. This entails a concerted effort to craft a communication strategy with goals and milestones to achieve the intended outcome. The challenges to program implementation are real and found across the organization.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions need a well-thought succession plan that requires effective internal communication to the employees. Explain the why and what to your employees to boost acceptance and behavior change. Drive cultural alignment across the organization to adopt the transformation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation projects are commonplace and require software and hardware shifts, training for employees, and new policies. Ensure that your technology investments are put to good use by connecting teams to new processes and functionality with a comprehensive communication strategy.

Talent Strategy

Companies spend millions of dollars on benefits programs designed to attract and retain top talent, but every year they struggle with achieving enrollment goals. Don’t short-change the communication plan; give it the same time and consideration that you spent making decisions on which benefits programs to offer employees.

Ensure the success of your internal communications platform through tailored employee engagement campaigns that inspire, inform, and reinforce the message. Take advantage of GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® to create your own communication journeys or select from GuideSpark’s pre-built communication journeys.

Fast-track change communications 

with GuideSpark Communicate Journeys®

Driving lasting behavior change requires targeted, ongoing communication experiences that can reach and engage today’s diverse employee populations. GuideSpark Communicate Journeys® are pre-built communication journeys that include campaign layouts, messaging, videos, infographics, interactive ratings and polls, checklists, comparison charts, and more. These journeys are stored and run on the GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® software platform.

Each communication journey provides an overall employee experience. Experiences are created by defining relationships:  between audience and channel for message reception, and between messages and specific pieces of content to educate or reinforce that message. Recommended learning paths are configured stringing content and media together based on employee selections after completing or viewing an initial content item.

GuideSpark Communicate Journeys® focus on specific organizational programs such as compensation, healthcare, performance management, and workforce culture. Our Communication Strategists can work with you to further customize journeys to better fit your business needs.

We understand that many organizations lack the resources needed to design a communication strategy and build out communication journeys. And some require a completely unique communication journey on a particular topic.  Whether you have a company-specific initiative to share or need communications delivered on a tight timeline, we can help.

Let GuideSpark’s team of Content and Communication Strategists do the heavy lifting for you. We have years of experience creating campaign-based content to drive engagement and action. We utilize our best practices to craft a comprehensive employee communication solution specific to your requirements and needs. Address your company’s unique communication goals by building custom communication journeys. Journeys can be created for any type of project, such as culture change new corporate programs for employees, complex corporate initiatives like digital transformation, and other enterprise initiatives.

Let our design team create your customized communication journeys so you can focus on growing your results.

"Using GuideSpark Communicate Cloud not only saved time for me, but improved the experience for our employees. The campaign messages are concise, and employees can easily dive in farther to learn more."

Jamie Trovato, Benefits Manager Fortinet

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