How effective are your company’s workplace communications? It depends on whom you ask. Eighty three percent (83%) of HR decision-makers rate them as very good or excellent, compared to just 65% of managers and only 52% of employees.

That’s an alarming disconnect. IDG Research surveyed over 1,500 HR decision makers & employees to find out why today’s workforce is losing interest in traditional HR communications—and what can be done to boost their engagement, participation, and loyalty. Join our webinar to untangle the challenges and uncover modern solutions that will help you truly connect with your workforce.

Get ready to learn:

  • The numbers behind the disconnects: different HR and employee perceptions about the quality of workplace communications, communication channels, job satisfaction, and more
  • How modern HR communications technology can aid recruitment, enhance the onboarding experience, and foster engagement across the employee lifecycle
  • Ideas for improving employee communication that you can put to use right away

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