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Reimagining the Onboarding Experience

By Julia Figliotti Riley Think back to the last time you brought on a new hire before COVID-19 hit. You may have had a week-long onboarding process complete with handshakes, in-person paperwork, office tours, meet-and-greet sessions and team lunches, and various...

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Crafting a Virtual Onboarding Communication Plan

By Caitlin Gibson As more businesses embrace remote work and accept that it’s here to stay, virtual onboarding processes are bound to become the norm. Given that only 12% of employees think their company does a great job onboarding new hires, these virtual experiences...

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Slack, Docusign get high marks for employee work-life balance

Working from home hurts ‘social capital,’ study says

Aman Kidwai discusses how companies can improve the productivity and morale of remote employees by proactively building connections and providing mental health support. Aman features GuideSpark CEO and Co-Founder Keith Kitani on how leaders can keep employees engaged...

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Webinar: Communication and Data to Accelerate Transformation

Successfully communicating about change is critical for employers to drive adoption and buy-in from employees. Today, more than ever, employers need to accelerate business transformations, due to the complete disruption caused by the pandemic. Well-known but often...

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Webinar: Leveraging data to make better business decisions

Data has become the centerpiece of our business strategies; however, many large organizations are failing to use data effectively to identify internal trends. In this webinar, learn more about the power of data and how to better leverage data from multiple sources to...

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