Communicate Talent Management

Companies make significant investments in talent management processes and technology to improve job satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Yet, employee engagement with these programs and initiatives remains a challenge. Delivering personalized communication journeys throughout the employee lifecycle reinforces how their work connects to the big picture and how they can continuously contribute and improve.

Communicate Talent Management Journeys are designed to improve engagement and increase the effectiveness of talent and performance management initiatives. They facilitate consistent, targeted, and continuous communication—whether it’s onboarding, performance management, or career development. The result is increased engagement, accountability, and commitment.

Talent Management Journeys:


Onboard new employees on all aspects of your culture, talent practices, and total rewards, so they can get the full picture and understand how they fit in

Performance Management Success

Increase understanding of the performance management process, empower employees to participate, and encourage more substantive reviews and conversations

Feedback and Coaching

Encourage a culture of feedback to clearly communicate the company’s approach, explain check-ins, and outline the roles and responsibilities of both employees and managers

Career Development

Promote awareness of the company’s approach and commitment to career development, and drive use of career development resources

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