Communicating to Employees on a Global Scale.

Adobe is known for its innovative multimedia and creativity software products. Yet having set the standard for digital communication and collaboration for nearly 30 years, the company was not applying the same level of tech-savvy to engage with its upwards of 14,000 employees around the world. That is, it wasn’t until Rosemary Arriada-Keiper, Adobe’s Senior Director of Global Rewards, set out to bring the company’s employee communications into the digital age, embarking on a multi-year journey with GuideSpark.

In search of a strategic, partnership-based approach, Arriada-Keiper needed a scalable and efficient solution to effectively communicate consistent messages to her global workforce—and support key HR initiatives across the employee lifecycle. These included creating a “wow” experience for new hires during the onboarding process, increasing enrollment in Adobe’s consumer-driven health plan (CDHP), streamlining maternity leave and financial wellness education, and strengthening employees’ perceived value of their total compensation.

Informing and Engaging—Every Step of the Way

Prior to implementing their long-term solution, Adobe had used a range of traditional communications channels to deploy HR messages, such as handbooks, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and live workshops. These methods missed the mark: they didn’t give an impressive first-impression, get employees excited about their benefits, nor socialize employees with the corporate culture. Only a multimedia, multi-channel strategy could infuse their communications with the freshness—and cohesiveness—Arriada-Keiper and her team needed to connect with employees.

GuideSpark’s workplace communications solution became a vital part of Adobe’s new strategy. They started with open enrollment messaging and then moved into compensation, undertaking a global rollout of the solution. Soon thereafter, they created content to support talent management and used GuideSpark’s analytics tools to fine-tune and enhance their workplace communications. Today, their solution includes a library of more than 80 videos accessible on-demand to employees through their benefits portal and dedicated employee microsites.  

Delivering a Consistent, High-Impact Employee Experience

Having introduced employees to engaging multimedia content through GuideSpark’s platform, Adobe continues to see measurable improvements across the employee lifecycle. Employees arrive on day one excited and prepared, they understand their maternity leave policy, and they’re finding increased value in their total compensation package. By replacing resource-intensive live workshops and other paper-based communication methods with simplified, streamlined digital content, they’ve reduced costs and support load on their HR call center. And by providing their workforce with easy to access and understand benefits information, Adobe maintains strong CDHP enrollment, keeps employees interested in pursuing financial wellness, and motivates workers to do their very best.



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