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It’s never too late to deliver great open enrollment communications!

COVID-19 has made benefits more important than ever. Deliver an open enrollment communications experience that will engage your employees.

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Are your communications driving your business results?

Your employees are overwhelmed with information, cut through the noise to keep them aligned and productive – with change communications.

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What’s next for business and communications? 

Hear from experts like Josh Bersin (Bersin Academy) and Yext CHRO Brian ‘Skip’ Schipper about navigating business both during and beyond the pandemic.

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Accelerate Change Effectiveness through Communication

Ensure that you’re driving the employee alignment, adoption, and action that you need to succeed in your organizational goals.

Effective, engaging, and expertly orchestrated communications are critical to reaching and connecting with employees across many programs and initiatives.

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Reach employees where they are

Your diverse workforce is consistently overwhelmed with information. Cut through the noise with targeted campaigns supporting a multitude of channels – from email and text messages, to web and print.

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Engage them to drive change

Deliver consumer-grade content experiences that inspire employees and drive the understanding and behavior change you need to achieve business goals.

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Measure & Iterate to ensure long-term program impact

Track employee engagement, behavior, and sentiment to gain organizational insights, and use real-time data to scale for ongoing program success.

Effective Employee Communication

GuideSpark has over 10 years of experience partnering with
1,000+ enterprise customers
to drive communication success: 

GuideSpark’s campaign and content helped us bring our organization into the future, by engaging in our new performance management process and driving adoption of our new tools.

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Marcy Martin,
Sr. Director Strategic Talent

In our first year of campaign-based communication, we saw results that we thought it would take years to achieve!

Laurie Willburn,
Director of Total Rewards and HR Ops

GuideSpark helps us ensure that global employees understand and value their rewards package.

Rosemary Arriada-Keiper,
VP, Global Rewards

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Inspire, Inform, and Reinforce

Driving employee change isn’t easy, but it’s a critical step to achieving any business goal. GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® allows you to orchestrate communication journeys that drive the change you need – ultimately, enabling you to achieve your business outcomes.

Change is often a personal, individual process for employees of any organization. By taking an employee-centric approach to your communications, you can deliver content and messaging experiences that bring real results.

Our successful change communications champion three phases that support your organizational goals:

INSPIRE employees to participate. Tell your workforce why your program matters to them.

INFORM and educate employees about your important programs. Let them know how your program will work, and provide the details they need to become truly aligned.

REINFORCE the message with ongoing communications. A one-time communication won’t accomplish meaningful change – keep the conversation going with frequent updates.

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