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Successfully drive the organizational change necessary to achieve your business goals. Deliver strategic programs and initiatives with GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®, change communications software that enables companies to manage, measure, and scale their internal communications effectiveness.

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Communicating during a crisis: The COVID-19 Pandemic

When a crisis hits, employees look to their companies as a trusted source of information that they can rely on, to protect themselves and stay informed. Here are some best practices for communicating about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) with your teams.

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Data and Digital Transformation

GuideSpark’s Charles Lee, SVP of Studios & Solutions, outlines how change communications and data are powerful allies.

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Communication Journeys

How do companies better involve and engage their employees in major initiatives? Build communication journeys.

Communication journeys are the vehicle to drive alignment and adoption of your major programs. They provide a roadmap of content experiences, campaigns and messaging, all personalized for a unique employee experience, motivating employees to take action.

Effectively segment employees and build communication journeys based on employee demographics, tenure, and roles.

GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® is the only change communications platform to provide the capabilities to build and run complex sets of communication journeys to support all your strategic initiatives.

Effective Internal


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Capture the attention of diverse, distributed employees with consumer-grade content experiences delivered through online, mobile, and print.

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Motivate, empower and maintain an engaged workforce, increasing employee productivity and business performance.

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Measure & Iterate

Track employee behavior and sentiment to gain organizational insights. Use real-time results to improve communications relevance and impact.

Effective Employee Communication
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Ten years of experience partnering with
over 1,000+ enterprise customers
to better engage with 22 million employees and achieve business objectives

GuideSpark’s campaign and content helped us bring our organization into the future, by engaging in our new performance management process and driving adoption of our new tools.

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Marcy Martin,
Sr. Director Strategic Talent

In our first year of campaign-based communication, we saw results that we thought it would take years to achieve!

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Laurie Willburn,
Director of Total Rewards and HR Ops

GuideSpark helps us ensure that global employees understand and value their rewards package.

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Rosemary Arriada-Keiper,
VP, Global Rewards

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Inspire, Inform, and Reinforce

A one-size-fits-all approach will not keep employees informed, involved, and aligned with company initiatives. We find many companies operate program rollouts as checklists of tasks, leaving communication to the enterprise with one deliverable: let employees know about a change. Once completed, the employee is considered up to speed and ready to function within new organizational guidelines. It is little wonder then that many company initiatives fail outright. Learning and understanding require communication updates over time initially to influence, then to educate and lastly to reinforce the learning.

Research shows that effective communication involves a continuous conversation. Our change communications software allows enterprises to determine the types of conversations to have and when to schedule those. Our powerful internal communications platform transforms the task mindset, helping program owners orchestrate, measure and scale robust employee experiences and bring major initiatives to successful completion.

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