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Are your employee communications keeping up with the times? The web has changed the way people consume information. They want rich information quickly, and in bite-sized chunks. GuideSpark transforms employee communications from traditional methods such as emails, brochures, and seminars to an engaging video experience designed for today’s busy employees. We simplify important HR topics like benefits, health care reform, and compensation programs and make them accessible anywhere and anytime.

GuideSpark helps companies educate, empower, and engage employees with a customized digital employee communications solution:

Customized Videos

Videos are tailored to your company’s brand, voice, values, message, and data to deliver a completely customized employee communications platform.

Cost Effective

Using our innovative technology and efficiency built over years of experience, we can deliver the lowest cost HR video and mobile solutions.

Simplifies Complex Topics

We use animated characters and content experts to create short and engaging videos that simplify complex and important HR topics.

On-Demand, Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime

Enables engagement with employees and family decision makers on-demand, anytime, and anywhere.

Measurable ROI

Allow employees and family decision makers to engage with your material when and where it’s convenient for them.


Content is updated on an ongoing basis with our subscription model, ensuring the information you provide your employees is always the latest and greatest.

Time Efficient

We do all the work, so HR doesn’t have to. HR can spend time on other, more strategic issues.