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Whitelisting Domains

for Communicate Cloud

For some corporate networks, whitelisting may be necessary in order to use all of the features of GuideSpark Communicate Cloud.

Whitelisted HTTPS URLs

Your company's site for both the administration and employee experience.*Shortened URLs used in emails, posters, postcards and other reach messages.

Fonts used in the admin and employee experiences. Needed for proper layout and visual appearance.*

Content delivery network, used for all video, digital documents and images.

** Your company logo as used in both the admin and employee experiences.*Authentication and login service for customer admins.
no-reply@guidespark.comSystem notification emails are sent with this sender. You may need to add this to your email system to avoid having these emails blocked.

If you still experience technical difficulties, please Submit a ticket here to GuideSpark Support. We will get back to you soon after we have reviewed your issue.

Whitelisting Domains

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