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Here are quick answers to commonly-asked Support questions.


I forgot my login password!  How can I access the administration dashboard of Communicate Cloud?

Answer: We provide a reset password feature. Go to your GuideSpark login page. Click on the “Forgot your password?” button and follow the prompts to reset your password.

I was supposed to get an email notification from GuideSpark today, but I have not gotten one yet. Why?

Answer: Please check your junk or spam folders. If you use an email program that sorts email into Focused and Other, check all Inboxes. When you find the email, mark it as Not Junk or Important so that future notification emails can get delivered to your Inbox.


GuideSpark Communicate Cloud uses iFrame HTML code to let you embed the content experience in other environments like a corporate network, while still hosting the content within GSCC so that we can provide analytics and include both video and non-video content. Most software used to manage corporate intranet portals allows some form of iFrame embed.

In general, we recommend embedding a video only as a secondary method of reaching your employees, and rely on reach messages that take the employee to the GSCC landing pages as the primary method. While a video embedded in your web portal offers the convenience of playing without opening content in a separate browser tab, the distraction of other items on the same page reduces employee engagement. For highest engagement with the content, we recommend devoting most or all of a page to the embedded experience.

Can I embed a GuideSpark video in my SharePoint 2010 or 2013 environment?

Yes, SharePoint supports iFrame embed. Online tutorials and video tend to use YouTube video as the example, but the same technique works for GuideSpark content. We recommend searching the web for “embed video in SharePoint”.

Can I embed a GuideSpark video in an LMS?

Communicate Cloud does not return completion status to an LMS, so you cannot use your LMS to track whether a GuideSpark video has been watched. (Communicate Cloud shows its own Results analytics to report on engagement stats and actions taken.) Depending on the capabilities of your LMS, you may be able to embed links to GuideSpark content, images with links, or even an iFrame video, but the LMS would not be able to track whether your employees watched a particular piece of content.

What if my intranet portal cannot use an iFrame embed?

If you cannot use iFrame code in your intranet (or are not allowed to by your corporate policy) then we recommend embedding a thumbnail image with a link to the GSCC content.

What is the difference between the Embedded Content Experience and a embeddable Web Banner?

Both are ways of adding GuideSpark campaign links to your Intranet portal. The Embedded Content Experience allows you to play a single video or the entire experience directly within your web portal. A Web Banner, on the other hand, is a type of reach message that can change over time as your campaign progresses (like messages on a highway billboard), and offers a clickable call-to-action such as “Learn More”. With a Web Banner, when an employee clicks the call-to-action, they’re taken to the GSCC landing page in a separate browser tab.


Why does my video stutter, pause or look pixelated?

Answer: This can happen when your network’s bandwidth is extremely low, either continuously or due to short interruptions in your local network. Check your bandwidth.

When I try to play video, sometimes the screen fades to black and video does not play. How do I fix this?

Answer: Please clear your browsing history or clear your cache, relaunch your browser, and then try again.

Does the GuideSpark site require any plugins?

Answer: We don’t use plugins! Communicate Cloud uses modern HTML5-compatible browsers and JavaScript to provide video and content experiences that support a full range of browsers on desktop and mobile devices.


How does Communicate Cloud work with GDPR?


Our relationship with our customers is that of a “Processor”, as defined in the GDPR—this means that we don’t use PII for any purpose other than our customers’ own utilization of it. In our case, this means having email addresses or mobile numbers in order to contact employees, or employee profile information in order that our customers can view employee segments in their analytics.

The employer-employee relationship is one in which the employer has a legitimate interest in storing and using PII for its employees—for example, their corporate email addresses or cell phone numbers, in order to contact them. This legitimate interest, combined with GSCC’s Processor status, exempts us from standard GDPR consent requirements for use of such PII for the benefit of our customers.

How is our info protected with Communicate Cloud?

Answer: All data is encrypted in transit using HTTPS and TLS 1.2, and encrypted at rest using AES-256. Email sent between our system and your email server is also encrypted at the level supported by your email server. All versions of Microsoft Exchange support TLS 1.2, so if your company uses Exchange or Office 365, email is fully encrypted end-to-end.

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