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Communication Solutions for Performance Management

Communicating the performance process

through times of change

Managing the performance management process is especially challenging today as you navigate COVID-19 and the impact on employee performance, goals, and alignment. Communicating and reinforcing your performance management process will be critical as we emerge from this pandemic. But reaching, engaging, and aligning managers and employees is even harder in today’s noisy, digital, distributed world. 

GuideSpark’s communication solutions are used by leading enterprises across the world to reach and engage employees on critical HR programs like Performance Management.


Reach and engage employees with targeted multi-channel campaigns and experiences that will engage and delight your employees. Learn more


Drive employee alignment, action and adoption by leveraging proven Performance Management content and communications experiences.  Learn more


Know what works and doesn’t work with detailed communication data – allowing you to constantly improve your communications. Learn more

GuideSpark has partnered with 1000+ enterprise companies to transform their HR communications and drive change across employees. Our communication strategies inspire, inform and educate to reinforce performance management value, processes and best practices.


Communicating Changes To Your Performance Management Approach

Effectively communicate performance management processes and best practices to reach employees where they are with a consumer-grade communication experience.

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5 Steps to Deliver a Successful Performance Review Experience

With GuideSpark’s communication software, stand out, and engage your workforce to achieve your business objectives.

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4 Effective Ways to Communicate
Performance Management Program Changes

GuideSpark’s Director of Communication Strategy and Engagement, Samantha Grunfeld, shares ways to effectively communicate your performance management changes.

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