A New Approach to Internal Communications

Internal Communications That Cut Through the Noise and Engage Employees

Your employees are overwhelmed by information.

Every day, it’s getting harder and harder to reach and engage your increasingly digital, diverse, and distributed workforce.

Messages received by
employees per year

Emails directly
routed to trash

Emails considered
irrelevant by employees


GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® delivers powerful communication tools into the hands of internal communicators.

Targeted campaigns

Customize multi-channel campaigns to target and engage different employee audiences to drive successful business outcomes.

All-in-one calendar

View and orchestrate all your communications from one place to ensure you are delivering great employee experiences.

Automation and scale

Make communications easy with analytics, automated campaigns and more to save time and resources.


With GuideSpark, we implemented automated email delivery, and it’s so easy for us. We just set the template and it’s ready to go.

Priscilla Wong, Manager of Benefits


Powerful Technology

Key Features for Internal Communicators

Replace your ad hoc tools, spreadsheets and manual processes with the only SaaS platform designed to orchestrate the communications experience across your enterprise.

Communications and Engagement

Orchestrate communications with a suite of powerful tools: Communicate Planner, Communicate Journeys, Communicate Messages, and comprehensive Data & Analytics.

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Event-Based Triggers

Automatically deliver the right information at the right time, with communications based on the moments that matter to employees.

Brand Management

Keep your communications consistent across brand, visual style, templates, communication channels, permissions, and more.

Enterprise Integration

Integrate communication seamlessly into your existing enterprise, from your HCM system and SSO to your most-used communications channels.

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