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Communicating Compensation
During Challenging Financial Times

Compensation conversations are challenging, even in the best of times – for both managers and employees. But during times of uncertainty and financial crisis, it is even more important to effectively communicate your employee compensation program.

Customer Success Stories

Through automated communications to their people manager population, M&T Bank increases managers’ understanding of a new compensation program as they continue to attact and retain talent.

M&T Bank

Successfully guide employees through compensation cycles

Leverage proven communication solutions, used by leading enterprises across the world, to reach and engage employees on critical HR programs like compensation.

Drive Alignment

Drive consistency across compensation processes and policies through custom communications designed for specific employee groups.

Engage Employees

Reach and engage diverse, distracted, and distributed employees to ensure understanding of a critical employee priority – compensation.

Empower Managers

Prepare managers for a challenging compensation cycle with customized education and training.


Communicating Compensation During Challenging Financial Times

Communicate compensation changes to your employees during a significant period of change.


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How to Successfully Communicate Compensation to Your Employees

Improve employee understanding of compensation processes and policies.

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How to Create a Strategic Compensation Strategy

Ensure individual, manager and company alignment to deliver consistent compensation communications.


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Two Key Ways to Communicate Compensation

GuideSpark’s Communication Strategist, Ava Rose, shares how to successfully communicate compensation during challenging financial times.

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