The Next Phase: Returning to Work

The New Work Model

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged, businesses have responded with record efficiency: digital transformation projects taking place in just a few days, office and computer equipment being distributed in no time, management and executives accepting that large segments of their workforce work from home – all of this causing new business insights in traditionally office-based industries. Once a largely on-site role, bank tellers are now working remotely and fielding calls for financial advice. Now, some banks recognize the shift, and are responding to it by training their tellers to be more consultative to ultimately better help their customers. This is what a global pandemic has done to the world of business… But, how permanent will the changes be?

Return to Work

Maintaining continuous transparency with employees requires a change communications platform. With GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®, you can orchestrate all of your return-to-work messaging and build targeted, personalized campaigns for disparate employee groups.


As offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, labs, and manufacturing plants begin to bring employees back into close proximity with one another, or adjust to a workforce split across remote sites, office locations, and production or factory floors, which business practices will be forever different? And how do companies handle the constant change and rollout of new processes and policies? Below are some resources that will help with communicating your return-to-work strategy.

Returning To Work Requires a Communication Strategy

Think about your employee audience, then consider the type and method of communication that will work best for them.

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Put Your People First

Three key steps for clear, concise communications.

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A Communication Blueprint for Returning to Work

Communication during the return to work is not a “one-and-done” event. Use these strategies to facilitate a smooth transition.

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The Connected Enterprise

Tune in to a discussion with Brian “Skip” Schipper about the impact of returning to work in a time of uncertainty.

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Stay Informed

Check out these other COVID-19 resources.

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