For many companies, performance management is becoming a strategic, business-led initiative centered around ongoing conversations between managers and employees. It’s no longer a single HR-directed event involving an annual review and some combination of ratings and rankings. This new approach, which involves introducing a new philosophy as well as implementing an unfamiliar process, involves much more than a single statement or a simple “flip of the switch.” It’s a transformation that’s most successful when coupled with an innovative approach to employee communication and engagement.

Learn how to tackle the various challenges when making this shift.  Gain insights into the evolution of program design, the stages of the user journey through transition, and how strategic communications enable a successful transformation.

Review this White Paper today to learn:  

  • The challenges and solutions HR leaders can leverage for a performance management transformation
  • Explore the stages of user journey through performance management transition 
  • Understand the performance management continuum and changes 

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