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5-Part series that looks to the future of communications in our new work model

By Keith Kitani, CEO of GuideSpark


In this 5-part thought leadership series, GuideSpark CEO, Keith Kitani explores the future of communications in this new way of working, post-pandemic. Kitani covers topics around change, digital transformation, creating a connected enterprise, ensuring employee alignment and productivity in times of uncertainty, and the overall communication landscape. Drawing on conversations with other business leaders and GuideSpark’s communication expertise, Keith outlines how we can help our employees and our businesses can thrive in this new era.




Download Individual Parts

changing the way we work: Part 1   Creating a connected enterprise
                      PDF Article                                                                  PDF Article


Part 3 - Ensuring alignment and Productivity    
                       PDF Article                                                              PDF Article


Part 5
                     PDF Article



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