Culture is how employees act and behave — not what the CEO and executive teams say it is

Today’s entrepreneur is Keith Kitani, co-founder and CEO of GuideSpark. GuideSpark enables employee communication experiences that drive change and deliver positive business outcomes for key programs and initiatives. GuideSpark Communicate Cloud is the only solution that combines campaigns, consumer content experiences, and analytics, enabling targeted, personalized communication journeys.  Over 1,000 organizations and 22 million users have achieved their business outcomes with GuideSpark.

Keith has been running SaaS businesses focused on eLearning and communication since 1999 when he co-founded Presedia (a rapid eLearning company) which was subsequently sold to Macromedia. At Macromedia he was responsible for the Breeze (now Adobe Connect) and Flash Media Server product lines, growing the businesses to over $50 million annually. When Macromedia was acquired by Adobe, he was responsible for starting, building and managing the majority of Adobe’s initial SaaS businesses.


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