“HR never works in our favor,” “HR only cares about protecting the company,” or “HR is scary.” You’ve probably heard something along these lines before — and perhaps more than once. And, truth be told, perhaps there was a time when HR was less focused on the “human” element of its job. But as work has evolved, so has the HR function.

When Colleen Blake, senior vice president of people for GuideSpark, first joined the company in 2018, most of her career had been spent on the business side of work. “I didn’t have an HR hat previously,” she said. “I noticed that things were different once I put the HR hat on.” Her coworkers, she said, started to keep her at arms-length. They were more guarded with her than they had ever been.

“You could see that past HR experiences at the company were different [than what she brought to the table],” Blake said. So, it became important to Blake to “dispel this myth that HR is evil.”


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