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The parallels between marketing and human resources are impossible to miss. While most HR departments use one-off marketing concepts, they overlook the campaign strategies that evolved because of our culture of digital overload and distraction.

I’d like to discuss what I’ve learned from running HR campaigns with a marketer’s mindset. There are untapped opportunities to improve engagement and reduce churn in our workforces.

Employee experience

The work of building a brand, offering a value proposition, and prospecting are similar in marketing and HR. But whereas marketing departments have evolved to focus on “customer success” and “experience” after acquisition, HR departments have not.

Instead, we tend to see a letdown in the post-hire phase. As Jobvite’s 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study found, 30% of job hunters have left a job within 90 days of starting. To them, the employee value proposition fell short, a mismatch between what they expected and what their employer delivered.

That has consequences. Employees who feel disappointed won’t recommend their workplace to others and they begin to opportunistically job hunt. They won’t put much effort into winning and satisfying your customers either. Simply put, a bad employee experience works against everything your company aspires to accomplish.

I’m preaching to the choir when I argue that better employee experiences are critical to long-term innovation, a healthy culture, effective recruiting, and a successful business. The difference is that I’ve begun to use more marketing tactics in the world of experience.


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