Employee Benefit News (EBN) and Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA), the leading employee benefits publications, have named GuideSpark CEO and co-founder Keith Kitani a winner of their 2018 Digital Innovators Award. EBN/EBA recognized Kitani for GuideSpark’s work helping enterprises better engage their employees to take full advantage of their benefits — solving a major communication problem for employers. Kitani joins 19 other visionaries, including GuideSpark customer Lisa Forman Johnson, VP of HR at MVM, Inc., who are driving technology innovation, overcoming organizational and technology barriers, deploying leading-edge technology, and shaping benefit technology regulation and policy.

Kitani was recognized for developing GuideSpark Communicate Cloud, which recently added its hundredth enterprise customer. In announcing the honor, EBN noted Kitani’s innovative approach that modernizes employee communication: “…to help employees better understand and take advantage of their benefits offerings, Kitani created GuideSpark Communicate Cloud, which offers multi-channel, multi-touch benefits communication tools, including short smart phone friendly videos and other interactive content experiences.”

In addition, GuideSpark customer Lisa Forman Johnson, MVM, Inc. VP of Human Resources, was recognized for transforming their benefits enrollment via a digital campaign that successfully engaged a traditionally hard-to-reach workforce. In partnership with GuideSpark, Johnson combined a 45-day multi-channel, multi-touch internal marketing campaign with an interactive digital experience. Their award-winning benefits campaign reached 78% of the organization’s dispersed employees and increased enrollment in benefits by 50%.

The EBN Digital Innovator Awards highlights 20 individuals who represent technology companies ranging from all-in-one HR platforms to health management and financial wellness apps. EBN says it recognizes leaders in technology that are driving transformation and helping HR professionals, benefits managers, and brokers work smarter with leading-edge technology.

“I’m gratified to be included among the leaders recognized by EBN for efforts to make employee life at work better,” said Kitani. “The Digital Innovator award validates our work to transform employee communication so companies can better engage and activate their employees around important HR programs and initiatives.”

About GuideSpark 

GuideSpark is the leader in employee communication with 600 enterprise customers, who use its software and solutions to effectively engage over 22 million employees and achieve HR program adoption goals. GuideSpark is the only company that blends software and content experiences to deliver communication campaigns that inspire, inform, and activate employees. The result is measurable employee engagement and greater connection to the employer value proposition. To learn how you can transform your employee communications, visit


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