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For many people, the start of the new year prompts a renewed focus on taking better care of their health. In fact, exercising more, improving diet and/or fitness and losing weight are perennially among the top New Year’s resolutions.

But on the heels of one of the most difficult years in a generation, setting and keeping wellness goals might be tougher than ever without the right kind of support. Not only are we still dealing with extended lockdowns, working from home—or not working at all—and the stress of a global pandemic, but as a result, many of us have also struggled with a host of related issues, such as:

For organizations, that means prioritizing employee wellness has never been more important. It’s been well documented that healthy employees are not only happier, but they also perform better and are more productive. And these individual benefits translate directly into advantages for the company as well, including reduced turnover and absenteeism and substantially lower health care costs.



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