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HR Professionals strive to develop a great employee culture with a highly engaged, productive, innovative, and collaborative workforce. The driver to developing that culture is compelling and effective two-way communication, starting before Day 1 and continuing throughout the employee lifecycle. 

However, many organizations miss important opportunities to connect with employees. Join Brandon Hall Principal Analyst Daria Friedman, who’ll share key insights from their just-completed Strategic Onboarding survey and other recent research. The survey showed that few organizations introduce new hires to the organizational culture between the time the offer letter is signed and the first day of work. Then, during the actual onboarding period only 50% of organizations speak to their new hires about growth opportunities, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Impact of Strategic Onboarding Study. Our research shows this trend continuing throughout the lifecycle: 62% of organizations said managers are only somewhat effective at discussing growth opportunities. 

Join Daria and Colleen Blake, VP of Solutions at GuideSpark as they discuss the research results and how to implement best practices for driving organizational culture. 

You will gain insights on: 

  • Missed connection opportunities throughout the employee lifecycle based on recent Brandon Hall Group research.
  • How successful organizations leverage an ongoing communications campaign approach that enriches the employment culture and supports employee engagement. 
  • Leading practices and case studies for communicating throughout the talent lifecycle.


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