Announcement: Tivian acquires Guidespark to create the first Intelligent Experience management platform for HR.

For many HR leaders, figuring out how to capture the attention of employees to drive program adoption has become a top priority. That makes you the new Communicator-in-Chief, and learning how to break through the noise and reach information-overloaded employees is your greatest challenge.

In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with Sierra-Cedar to talk about the role of employee communication in outcome-driven HR organizations. We’ll discuss findings from the latest Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey—the longest running and most widely distributed participative research effort in the HR industry—to provide actionable insights on innovative technology trends and the communication strategies that drive meaningful returns on your HR technology investments.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research and lead author of Sierra-Cedar’s Annual HR Systems Survey, and Felicity Wohltman, VP of Marketing at GuideSpark to learn about: 

  • Consumerization of HR and HR technology
  • Connecting brand, outcomes, and HR practices
  • Data management, privacy, and security
  • Communication and Marketing essentials in HR

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