How you communicate the benefits of participating in your equity programs can make the difference between employees opting in or passing on the opportunity. If equity programs are part of your total rewards strategy, you can’t afford for employees to be ambivalent or uninformed about their value.

Printed pamphlets and lengthy emails can’t effectively communicate all the complexities of your equity program, especially if you’re rolling out a new ESPP to employees who have limited knowledge of stock purchase programs. To reach your participation goals, you need to take a strategic approach from start to finish and ensure that employees can confidently make informed decisions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how MuleSoft partnered with GuideSpark to deliver a successful ESPP launch after their IPO last year. Using an innovative, multi-channel campaign-based approach, combined with engaging short-form content, MuleSoft exceeded their goal of 80% enrollment.

MuleSoft and GuideSpark will share the strategies they used, including: 

  • Using multiple channels to reach employees
  • Developing inspirational content that led employees to care about a program that was new and unfamiliar
  • Creating compelling “bite-sized” pieces of content that mimic the content employees are engaging with as consumers

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