Compensation’s don’t ask don’t tell policy in corporate America is changing more quickly than most organizations are prepared for. Employees have increasing access to information and are demanding more transparent conversations about pay. However, managers remain ill-equipped to have impactful pay conversations and it’s impacting the organization’s ability to retain top talent.

In this session, Keith Kitani, GuideSpark’s CEO, and Timothy Low, SVP of Marketing at PayScale, will examine market trends that are impacting compensation policies and discuss leading strategies for communicating pay effectively to drive better employee performance. Hear stories from the field, and learn best practices for communicating pay based on real examples from forward thinking companies like Electronic Arts.

Get ready to learn:

  • The perception gap impacting your retention plan
  • The growing variability in raise distribution
  • Why managers are the crucial link between pay policy & engagement scores
  • The impact of performance management changes on compensation
  • How to train managers on how to make pay decisions & have better pay conversations
  • The role communications play to help drive compensation philosophy

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