Case Study: ADP

Driving Business Results by Evolving Compensation Communications

Making “Cents” of Pay-for-Performance

Fortune 500 human capital management organization, ADP, provides business outsourcing services to clients in over 100 countries. While known for their payroll solutions, their internal HR team struggled with communicating consistently and effectively with their 52,000 employees worldwide, especially when it came to explaining how employee’s bonus awards were determined connecting them to the company’s Pay for Performance philosophy.

John Hyttinen, ADP’s Senior Director of Total Rewards, came head-to-head with this challenge when the company needed to effectively and communicate their global bonus framework to Canadian employees. His goals were to deliver engaging communications that are consistent and easy to understand; provide year-round education that is accessible anytime, anywhere; and encourage employees to take responsibility for understanding how their bonuses are determined.

“Just in Time, Just Enough, and Just for Me”

In recalibrating the company’s approach to employee communications surrounding compensation, Hyttinen found plenty of room for enhancements in their existing process. They provided one-hour, single-event training sessions, but it was difficult to meet everyone’s availability and the presentations were perceived as too lengthy. Despite a standard presentation kit, there was inconsistent presenter delivery of the materials. And there were limitations to the ROI measurability of their efforts beyond anecdotal session feedback. What’s more, Hyttinen had generational management considerations—he knew he had multiple communication options and looked closely at his workforce’s preferences when creating a communications plan.

In the end, Hyttinen and his team focused on delivering a phenomenal employee experience that was interactive, personalized, and accessible anytime, anywhere. That meant leveraging multimedia tools delivered through multiple channels. GuideSpark’s platform—a library of customized videos explaining ADP’s benefits, short-term cash incentives, and service awards—connected Canadian employees with important information they needed on their desktop or mobile devices. And the video communications met HR’s need for engaging content that provided consistency and on-demand access as well as rich analytics and metrics they could “crunch” on the back end in concert with employee surveys.

Hitting the Mark with Effective Communications Strategy 

By moving HR training to a self-service model, ADP reduced the costs associated with scheduling training sessions, delivering information, and reaching employees with engaging and easy-to-understand content. Plus, they streamlined HR’s onboarding process and eliminated the need to create additional communications, as the videos can educate new hires on compensation details. And, finally, since employees can rely on the content to help them understand complex concepts, Hyttinen’s team spends far less time explaining bonus mechanics.

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