Communicate Total Rewards

Compensation, healthcare, and other benefits are the biggest investments for most businesses.  If workers don’t understand and take advantage of the programs available to them, the return on investment, in the form of employee satisfaction, health, and loyalty, won’t be realized.

Communicate Total Rewards Journeys help employees understand the value of all their benefits, with guided, personalized communication experiences for Compensation, Equity Essentials, HDHP Success, Wellness, and others. Through these experiences they can make smarter choices for themselves and for the business.

Total Rewards Journeys:

Multimedia Benefits Guide

Provide the information employees need to make open enrollment decisions. Capture employees’ attention, drive program adoption, and save time answering questions

HDHP Success

The complexity of high deductible plans often discourages participation. Provide plan information, enrollment guidance, and best practices to inform employees and boost HDHP adoption

Healthcare Consumerism

Empower employees to make smarter healthcare choices, reduce costs for themselves and the company, and understand how to use new healthcare-related tools

Total Rewards

Provide an overview of company programs and effectively communicate the value proposition of each program. A holistic view of Total Rewards contributes to both recruitment and retention initiatives.

Compensation Manager Training

Educate managers about the compensation process, provide the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, and equip them with the skills to have effective, confident pay-related discussions

Equity Essentials

Explain the value of equity and help employees understand the vesting process. Content experiences can be easily configured to provide details on plans such as ESPPs, ISOs, RSUs, and more

Compensation Fundamentals

Improve pay perceptions by educating employees on how programs work and change over time. Gauge employee understanding by collecting feedback using ratings and polls

Financial Education

Address the financial needs of a multi-generational workforce, through education on financial basics like budgeting, debt, and credit, to investing, retirement and Social Security


Promote preventive care and healthy habits and encourage employees to take advantage of wellness programs and activities

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