Communicate Culture

High performing companies recognize that a strong culture is key to retaining talent and achieving business results. Today’s employees wish to understand the organization’s mission, vision, and values and see commitment to maintaining an inclusive, respectful culture. They want to identify how they can contribute and provide feedback.

Communicate Culture Journeys enable communication experiences that help employees understand company values and their role in creating a positive environment while achieving the organization’s goals. Culture Journeys incorporate best practices from subject matter experts and are tailored to reflect each organization’s priorities and expected behaviors.

Culture Journeys:

Mission, Vision, and Values

Clearly communicate essential messages about the company and vision that motivates employees and helps them understand company strategy and expectations for their behavior

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Increase both self-awareness and environmental awareness, create expectations for a respectful working environment, and cover tactical skills for reinforcing positive behaviors and responding to concerns

Unconscious Bias

Increase awareness of bias, promote accountability, and improve inclusive behaviors by teaching skills for avoiding bias in everyday interactions

Workforce Culture Alignment

Develop a sense of ownership and support goals for behavior change. Communication experiences with customized strategies, content, and messages are created for each organization.

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