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Culture Innovation and Success

The swift climb of technological innovations has put oil and gas companies under serious pressure to modernize outdated equipment and implement online solutions to meet the demands of 21st-century markets.

Oil and gas enterprise initiatives are now focused on a wide range of projects, including sustainability, reduction of operating costs, and updating performance management philosophies. How is management communicating these initiatives to their employees? And how are these companies bringing workers from every part of the organization in line with new practices?

To stay relevant, oil and gas organizations must streamline their operations and become more digitized.

Change is Hard

Change Takes Time

Change Can Be Frustrating

GuideSpark is the leader in change communications. We partner with oil and gas companies to transform their internal communications experience to drive change and achieve business goals.

Together, we create a communication strategy that reflects the unique needs and preferences of your employees. Let our experts build custom communication journeys to support your change initiatives.

With GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®, it has never been easier to manage, measure and scale your internal communications.

Inspire Positive Change

In Your Organization

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Digital Transformation

Employee buy-in is critical for strategic initiatives to succeed, especially system transformations that require complete acceptance and adoption by your workforce.

We give you the communications platform to build trust and drive relationships with your employees to ensure the success of your business goals.



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Culture Innovation

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, oil and gas companies are creating cultures of innovation that promote creativity and idea generation.

We help you communicate to your workforce about the value of innovation programs and supporting a creative environment – which allow employees to reach their full potential.


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Talent Acquisition
& Retention

Oil and gas companies must identify their talent gaps and needs of their diverse workforce in order to attract new skills and keep their current talent.

We build communication strategies that allow business leaders to build a transparent and positive culture.

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Business Agility

For employees to get on board with new or updated programs, they must first understand the “why” and “what” of your initiative.

Communication is key for developing an agile culture, and our communication journeys make it possible to reach all employees with targeted content and messaging to ensure that everyone understands the importance of your business changes.

We’ve helped oil and gas customers implement new programs for talent retention, performance management, compensation, new system adoption, and more. Our top priority is to deliver core communication strategies that fit your business needs, while driving employee behavior and workforce adoption.


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