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Technology Innovation and Success

Technology Innovation

and Success





As manufacturing technology companies continue their fast-paced march toward success, opportunities have opened up across automakers, appliance manufacturers, and medical device companies, given that most modern products require technology components. With this advancement in designs, more and more innovative products must be built – and new skills acquired – in order to remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

What does this mean for the manufacturing technology world and its workforce?

The manufacturing technology industry must understand that their competitive advantage starts inside the organization: with their people.

Change is Hard

Change Takes Time

Change Can Be Frustrating

GuideSpark is the leader in change communications. We partner with manufacturing technology companies to transform their internal communications experiences to drive change among their employees, and ultimately achieve business goals. With GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®, it has never been easier to manage, measure and scale your internal communications effectiveness.

Together, we create a communication strategy that reflects the unique needs and preferences of your employees. Let our experts build your custom communication journeys that will support your change initiatives.

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Inspire Positive Change

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Workforce Engagement

Strategic initiatives such as cybersecurity, M&A, and performance management, require participation of everyone in the organization. IT, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and other departments need to be aware of and aligned with company programs and policies.

We give you the communication platform and frameworks to build trust and drive engagement with your employees to ensure the success of your business goals.

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Mergers &

During a merger or acquisition, process and system changes are inevitable. Onboard new employees smoothly or educate your existing workforce on what’s changing so that everyone’s in the loop. Use timely communications to empower the entire workforce and drive programs that foster cultural alignment and increase employee retention.

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Talent Acquisition
& Retention

Manufacturing technology companies cannot win the talent war by only offering higher salaries. They must understand where they have talent gaps and areas of risk, and position themselves as a company that cares about development and growth of their employees.

We build communication strategies that allow business leaders to create an open, transparent and positive culture.

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Business Agility

Constantly-evolving technology forces your business to nimbly change direction and capitalize on new market opportunities – before the competition does. In this environment, your workforce needs to quickly adapt and adjust to new plans and processes.

We give you the capabilities you need to build an agile workforce, making it possible to easily change employee mindsets during times of transformation.

We’ve helped manufacturing clients implement new programs for talent retention, performance management, compensation, new system adoption, and more. Our top priority is to deliver core communication strategies that fit your business needs, while driving employee behavior and workforce adoption.


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