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Constant change in the retail banking industry is disrupting traditional business models and forcing organizations to continuously innovate in order to survive.

Whether it’s implementing a customer-centric strategy, a new performance management approach, or a complete digital transformation, these change initiatives are redefining how the banking and financial services industry approaches internal communications.

Change is Hard

Change Takes Time

Change Can Be Frustrating

GuideSpark is the leader in change communications. We partner with banking and financial services companies to transform their internal communications experiences to drive change and achieve business goals. With GuideSpark Communicate Cloud®, it has never been easier to manage, measure and scale your internal communications effectiveness.

Together, we create a communication strategy that reflects the unique needs and preferences of your employees. Let our experts build custom communication journeys to support your change initiatives.

Inspire Positive Change

In Your Organization

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Digital Transformation

Strategic initiatives like digital banking, automation, M&A, and in-branch innovation require participation of everyone in the organization to deliver a successful outcome.  Keep employees informed and aware of projects and guide them through adoption of new systems.

We give you the communication platform and frameworks to build trust and drive engagement with your employees, ensuring the success of your business goals.

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Business Agility

Regularly communicate with employees about changes to roles, responsibilities, technologies, and strategies.

We give you the capabilities to build an agile culture, so you can reach and engage employees with personalized content experiences that guide them through periods of organizational change.

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Enhancing Managers Skills

Organizations’ best agents for communication and change are their front-line managers. Bolster the success of your people leaders with requisite training and tools that guide them to perform well and build trust with their teams.

We develop communication strategies that allow business leaders to build a transparent, high performing, and engaged culture.

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Talent Retention

With a modern workforce, organizations must invest in their employees’ development, with upskilling and talent programs that provide workers with strong objectives and flexible career paths.

We support your talent management initiatives with targeted outreach campaigns that affirm and reinforce your company’s commitment to career growth.

We’ve helped over 25 banking and finance firms implement new programs for talent retention, performance management, digital transformation, and more. Our top priority is to deliver core communication strategies that fit your business needs, while driving employee behavior and workforce adoption.

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