Infographic: Financial Wellness

Financial Stress is an Epidemic

Financial stress is having a significant impact on employers, particularly in terms of employee productivity, talent retention and recruitment.

The top areas of financial stress for employees are:

  • Saving enough to meet retirement goals and support their family (such as sending kids to college)

  • Meeting their expenses, including paying their taxes each year

  • Being financially prepared for emergency or life-changing events.

But should employers step in to help? Employees say yes!

  • 87% of employees say their company should play a role in helping them prepare for their financial future

  • 81% would be less likely to leave a company that was helping them improve their financial standing

  • 4 in 5 employees say financial wellness is important and would choose a company that offered it over one that didn’t

It’s critical to inspire and educate your workforce on Financial Wellness.

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