Communicating during times of uncertainty

Help Employees Navigate

Communication Overload

Due to the global pandemic, advice on best practices and how to deal with this never-before-seen scenario are everywhere. The unbelievable circumstances we find ourselves in have only exacerbated existing communication challenges that companies struggled with long before COVID-19. Inboxes are overflowing with information and it is more important now than ever to ensure that change communications get noticed and acted upon.

Ensure Employees Feel Healthy and Safe

As the pandemic unfolds, every business is working overtime to provide peace of mind to a newly-scattered workforce, which means pointing them to available programs on health and wellness is critical. Even as employees start returning to the office, there will continue to be questions about healthy practices in the workplace.

Keep Employees Productive and Aligned  

Companies are still on the hook to achieve 2020 goals, even as they face an unpredictable future. Across every industry, there are significant adjustments taking place in a worker’s day-to-day environment. Organizations still need to connect teams and motivate them to stay focused on business outcomes, in spite of the challenges this pandemic poses.

Break Through the Noise   

Even without a global pandemic, making sure that urgent messages and updates get through to employees has always been a challenge. Today’s workforce is utterly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails they receive, and organizations are struggling to find a communication balance with frequent changes to policies and processes still ongoing. Especially now, it’s critical to get the right message, to the right people at the right time.

Crisis Communications

When a crisis hits, employees look to their organizational leaders as a trusted source of information that they can rely on, to protect themselves and stay informed.

Here are some best practices from GuideSpark CEO, Keith Kitani, for communicating about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) with your teams.

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Employees are asking many questions about where to find resources and what benefits or programs are available to them. It’s important to ensure that your employees are feeling healthy and safe. To help you and your employees, we’ve put together the following guide which leverages both our existing GuideSpark Communicate Journey™ content, as well as external resources and articles that we’ve found useful.

Onboarding in a Changed World

St. Joseph’s Health is a multi-faceted, integrated healthcare organization that has been providing exceptional, high-quality healthcare to individuals and community members since 1867.

Even now, during this time of global crisis, St. Joseph’s Health continues to evolve and live up to their mission of providing care for all those in need, to improve both individual and community health.


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