Customer Spotlight: Fortinet

Increasing Employee Benefits Communication Effectiveness

Customer Spotlight: Fortinet

"Using GuideSpark Communicate Cloud not only saved time for me, but improved the experience for our employees. The campaign messages are concise, and employees can easily dive in farther to learn more."

Jamie Trovato, Benefits Manager

A Lot to Communicate in a Short Amount of Time 

Fortinet develops and delivers top-rated cybersecurity software, appliances, and services to over 340,000 customers around the globe. Seven hundred employees work from their Sunnyvale, CA headquarters, and the remainder work in one of their 57 geographically dispersed office locations or out in the field. This made it challenging for Benefits Manager Jamie Trovato, who is responsible for employee benefits communication during onboarding and open enrollment. 

The company offers four medical plans in addition to a wide range of other benefits including life and disability insurance, dental and vision coverage, a wellness program, 401(k) plan, and commuter benefits. On top of ongoing vendor management and benefits administration activities, Trovato manages open enrollment and leads a weekly hour-long new hire orientation meeting – all requiring consistency and a great deal of attention. A more streamlined approach to employee communication was clearly needed.

Delivering Information, Self-Service, and Support

Trovato is responsible for making sure Fortinet’s employees know what benefits are available and how to make the most of them. “We traditionally sent out a single email or memo to employees containing 2 pages worth of info—all at once,” explains Trovato. “We found that no one wanted to read all of that,” she continues, “so they chose what to pay attention to or said ‘I’ll get to that later,’ whether or not they actually did.” To be successful, she needed to make the process easier and more engaging. “I wanted to introduce a level of self-service,” she adds, “so employees can learn about their benefits on-demand and get their questions answered more quickly.” 

In time for Open Enrollment season, Trovato deployed a campaign using GuideSpark Communicate Cloud. She worked from an organized timeline and had everything she needed, from e-mails to posters and SMS codes, to reach her dispersed workforce with educational and actionable information. “Instead of a single shot, we delivered compelling, bite-sized content over the span of several weeks to build upon each message.” Sending out a message every Wednesday, she drove increasing engagement. “Each message was well-developed, looked professional, and was quick to read,” she says, “and employees could click the call-to-action button if they wanted to learn more about a particular topic or benefit.”

Satisfying Results For Employees and HR

Trovato reports that employees were “really pleased with this new style of open enrollment communication.” And from an onboarding perspective, sharing new-hire information in a similar way eliminated the need for Trovato to attend weekly orientation meetings.  Plus it also meant that new hires “are less pressured to understand every possible benefits scenario all in one sitting – a win-win!”