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Open Enrollment

Streamline your most important benefits event with customized open enrollment communications.

GuideSpark’s custom designed Open Enrollment Video Series supports your most important benefits communications event. This series delivers all videos on a single web page while integrating a host of helpful features like related resource links, document downloads, and HR contact information.

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Benefits of Open Enrollment Video Series:

  • Helps Employees Become Smarter Consumers:

    Take the confusion and stress out of your open enrollment season. Break a complex topic into easier-to-digest segments with a video experience that makes open enrollment information more understandable for employees. Educate employees and family decision makers wherever they are, whenever is convenient for them.

  • Allows Efficient Deployment:

    Easy deployment, fast content updates and consistent messages to all employees means fewer and shorter calls to the HR call center, and more HR resources spent on other, more strategic things.

  • Achieves ROI On Plans More Quickly:

    Employees that are better consumers of benefits make good choices when it comes to selecting their plans and using them. This is critical to reducing health care costs for a company and ensure companies achieve ROI on complex plans.