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Financial Wellness

Learn how to educate employees on financial wellness.

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“GuideSpark has become an extension of our HR team."
Rosemary Arrianda-Keiper Senior Director, Global Rewards, Adobe

Employers Lack Visibility on Employee Financial Literacy and Well-being

Stress about money and finances is prevalent nationwide, with significant impact on the health and lives of Americans. More than half of adults saying they have not enough or just enough money to make ends meet at the end of the month. Companies lacking visibility on employee financial well-being face higher healthcare, absenteeism, and turnover costs.

Drive Employee Financial Wellness

GuideSpark’s Financial Wellness Solution provides a simple and effective way for companies to minimize the costs and risks associated with financial illiteracy. GuideSpark’s Financial Wellness Assessment, learning guide, and videos empower employees with the financial knowledge they need to take control of their financial future. Companies can reduce longer-term healthcare costs as well as employee turnover, absentee, and disengagement costs driven by the increasingly high levels of financial stress and illiteracy amongst employees.

HR Leader Spotlight: Adobe Employee Lifecycle

“GuideSpark has become an extension of our HR team. GuideSpark helps us quickly inform new employees about Adobe’s numerous offerings, ensure that global employees understand and value their rewards package, and enable employees to better plan and manage their financial future.”
Rosemary Arriada-Keiper Senior Director, Global Rewards
We wanted to effectively communicate a consistent message to our global workforce throughout the employee lifecycle in a scaleable and efficient way.
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More Financial Wellness Resources

Here are some additional financial wellness resources that you may find helpful for optimizing your company's success.
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  • Infographic: Wellness—A Big Disconnect Exists Between Importance and Participation In Wellness Programs