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Financial Wellness

The GuideSpark Financial Wellness Solution is all about your employee’s financial well-being.

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"We partnered with GuideSpark because of their expertise on financial wellness. We wanted to expand our educational content and ensure it continued to be relevant and personalized to the diverse employee demographics. We found their extensive video library to be an efficient and cost-effective way to introduce our employees to complex topics in an engaging format."
Kathy Raborn Director, Participant Communications, Bank of America

The Impact of Financial Stress On Workforce Productivity

  • 83% of employees surveyed say personal financial challenges have impacted their overall employee performance. (SHRM, 2014)
  • 87% of employees say their companies should play a role in helping them prepare for their financial futures. (GuideSpark Survey, 2015)
  • 90% of large firms surveyed believe financial solutions will be a standard element of a benefits package in the next 10 years. (Bank of America 2015 Workplace Benefits Report)

Driving Employee Financial Wellness

Built on the GuideSpark Employee Communications Platform, the GuideSpark Financial Wellness solution is designed for companies to provide financial education to help individuals change their mindset and take control of their financial future. GuideSpark provides a complete financial wellness solution that ranges from the tools you need to promote your financial wellness programs through integrations with your preferred service providers, so employees have a single portal they can access to manage their financial health.
  • GuideSpark Financial Health Check-Up: A comprehensive assessment enables employees to understand their financial strengths and weaknesses
  • GuideSpark Financial Wellness Action Plan: Personalized action plans provide employees with simple and actionable steps to take to improve their financial health
  • GuideSpark Core Financial Wellness Video Library: A set of financial education videos are designed to be short, and topic-based to motivate employees to learn
Delivered as a service, content can be rapidly accessed anywhere, anytime minimizing upfront or ongoing maintenance costs.

The Employee’s Journey

Fianncial Stress Test for Financial Wellness Programs1. Assess
Employees complete a Financial Wellness Assessment to quickly and easily understand where their gaps in financial knowledge lie.
Personal Finance Education for Finance Wellness Programs2. Learn
Employees receive personalized action plans with content recommendations from a library of over 30 short, engaging, topic-based videos. Employees point, click, and quickly fill knowledge gaps.
Act Image3. Act 
Armed with the knowledge needed to take action, individuals easily access additional resources to take next steps to improve their financial health.

The Employer’s Journey

financial wellness programs in the workplace

More Resources for Financial Wellness Programs

Here are some additional resources for financial wellness programs that you may find helpful for optimizing your company's success.