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Financial Wellness

Reduce employee financial distress, improve productivity, and deliver real ROI.

You’ve made considerable investments to offer a compelling lineup of financial wellness programs. But success hinges on participation. How will you drive awareness? GuideSpark has been working with leading employers to establish a best practices approach to wellness program communication. Our Financial Wellness Series bakes in everything we’ve learned and can be easily customized to your philosophy, approach, programs, and employer brand.

Benefits of Financial Wellness Video Series:

  • Simplifies Complex Topic For Employees:

    Financial Wellness and related financial topics can be confusing – GuideSpark videos make it simple. Increase employee understanding and engagement with a video experience that provides context with a high-level, simple overview of your Financial Wellness programs.

  • Improves HR Success:

    Improve the success of your HR team by providing everything they need to make employees aware of financial wellness programs. By moving financial wellness education online, employees and family decision makers can access information when and where it’s convenient for them.

  • Enhances Employee Productivity:

    Financial Wellness programs enhance employee productivity, physical health, and more. Higher employee participation means long-term dividends for your company’s health and your employees’ quality of life.