Whitepaper: Compensation

Top Strategies for Effective Compensation Conversations

If you or your managers find compensation conversations to be a challenge, you’re not alone!

  • Only 52% of employees say their company does a good job of explaining company pay programs.
  • 1 in 3 managers don’t feel equipped to handle compensation conversations with direct reports.

Compensation conversations can be complex and unnerving, even for the most experienced managers. When poorly handled, they can have a huge impact on employee performance, engagement and retention – and in turn – your company’s bottom-line.

So it’s critical that HR teams arm managers with the tools and training to ensure they – and their employees – have a more positive experience.

So how do you improve compensation communications?

It’s not always a matter of creating new compensation programs each year. Smart organizations are thinking of strategic ways to educate and communicate the value of existing programs better.

Download Top Strategies for Effective Compensation Communications to learn:

  • The power of a dedicated compensation dialogue
  • The challenges with managers’ compensation conversations
  • 5 steps to make managers the champions of your employee compensation program