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Partner Financial Wellness

Enhance your offering with the latest Financial Wellness technology.

Do your current solutions improve employee financial health? Do they leverage the latest web trends and technologies to engage employees and get measurable results?

GuideSpark has developed a new online platform to improve employee financial health. GuideSpark leverages the latest web technologies to create a video solution that engages employees and drives meaningful change. In addition, our Financial Wellness Video Series is designed to support and integrate with partner solutions and services.

Why partner with GuideSpark for Financial Wellness?

  • Designed to integrate with and complement your financial services solutions
  • Helps employees take action around financial issues
  • Solves the next critical corporate wellness issue – Employee Financial Wellness
  • Web-based solution delivers the latest solution and technology designed for today’s employee

GuideSpark can help your business:

Financial Services Providers, including 401(k) Vendors and Financial Education Vendors
By leveraging the GuideSpark platform, you can deliver your corporate customers complete financial wellness education. Whether you offer 401(k) services, financial planning, financial services, and/or financial education – you can expand your offering with our video series to deliver a truly comprehensive financial wellness solution.

Health Wellness Providers, Health Insurance Providers and EAPs
The GuideSpark Video Series allows you to offer your corporate clients a comprehensive Financial Wellness solution that complements and integrates with your current line of health and wellness solutions. Financial health is a major cause of employee stress and the next major focus for wellness-related companies. Our flexible Financial Wellness Video Series can be offered stand-alone or integrated with your current online offerings.