New Regulations Coming Fast & Furious As We Head To Election Day
06 Oct 2016

New Regulations Coming Fast & Furious As We Head To Election Day

Joe Larocque, Co-Founder & Senior Director, Product Management

Last week, it was reported that the Obama Administration has finalized new rules around paid sick leave and equal pay for Federal contractors. This follows the new OT rules introduced earlier this year changing which employees are eligible for OT pay. Regardless of whether you support or oppose these new rules, there is no doubt that work rules are changing and HR teams are now in a position where they need to be agile, nimble and proactive in communicating to their employees about these changes.

There are two major forces driving this rapid change that only seem to be growing in strength – new government regulations and employees seeking more information and communication from their companies and organizations. These are powerful forces that continue to gain momentum. Not only is the current administration making changes to employment regulations, but Trump and Clinton have outlined a number of policies that could have a significant impact on employees including health care, equal pay, child care and minimum wage to name a few.

All of this activity is on the Federal level, but HR leaders also have to keep an eye on new state and local regulations and laws. It is tough to keep track of these changes, but now employees see the news headlines, tweets and Facebook posts with all this information instantly after these important changes get announced. Employees get this information and want to know how it impacts them immediately. If companies don’t proactively and consistently communicate, we have seen companies struggle to deal with confused employees.

In my role at GuideSpark, I speak with customers every day about their challenges in keeping up with the rapid pace of change and effectively communicating those changes to employees. I believe companies are entering a new era of transparency where they will need to communicate quickly and consistently with their employees. This is no longer optional if companies want motivated, inspired and productive workers.

The saying is “change is the only constant” and this will especially be true in terms of employment rules so HR needs to be prepared and proactive with employees.