HR Tech 2016: Shelter for a Storm-weary Industry
14 Oct 2016

HR Tech 2016: Shelter for a Storm-weary Industry

While HR professionals and technology vendors prepped for and traveled to this year’s HR Tech in Chicago, people in the U.S. and abroad prepared for 2 different storms: Hurricane Matthew and the vice-presidential and presidential debates.

Clearly this conference could never reach the level of significance of those two life-changing events, but there is something of note about HR and Tech professionals getting together. At the end of the day, we are all Employers. We are responsible for acquiring, retaining, engaging and communicating with employees. In turn all of us, employers and employees, keep the global economy on the right course. 

Today’s HR leaders face the “perfect” storm of managing a workforce that is disengaged, globally dispersed and demographically diverse. These forces become change agents and drive HR to transform like never before.  This issue is bigger than any one technology vendor. Market leaders like SAP, Oracle, Deloitte and WorkDay made HR Tech 2016 a priority, reflecting the enormous momentum and investments that companies are making to modernize their HR departments into strategic business owners.

Along with these vendors, the show floor was flooded with a variety of solutions [including artificial intelligence, big data, workforce analytics, etc.] to address the entire employee life cycle. GuideSpark and our customer, Adobe, were part of the Employee Engagement track, hosting a session focused on Transforming Employee Experience. While the industry term “Engagement” is reaching its saturation point, I believe companies need to focus on Employee Experience, a two-way relationship between company and employee that drives culture, recruitment, retention and productivity.

It seems we found an anchor among HR execs who want to leverage the power of technology without losing the “human” aspect of their field. We demonstrated that our Employee Experience and Communications solution helps HR leaders modernize, personalize and localize their interactions with employees. 

Thank you, HR Tech 2016 organizers for helping us navigate another great conference. Looks like Las Vegas is on the horizon.


Keith Kitani
CEO & Co-Founder