Top Strategies for Open Enrollment
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Financial Wellness

Wellness Programs Call for Better Communications

Wellness programs are all the rage this year. But what’s the point of a program that employees don’t understand and, therefore, don’t use? Midwest Business Group on Health has done some research evaluating employee engagement in health benefits and wellness programs. What they found: Employees still do not understand their benefits. Part of the reason why employees […]

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Poor Benefits Communication Damages Both Employee and Employer Health and Financial Wellness

As busy as it can be, open enrollment is a good time to reflect on the effectiveness of your company’s benefits communication. While everyone seems to agree that benefits communication on the whole needs improvement, many organizations are in denial about how critical that improvement is to their own organization. Findings from the 2011 Aflac WorkForces […]

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The Answer: Improve benefits communications and invest in employee wellness

What’s the question? Have you read the recent headlines? Companies are paying three times as much as last year in health premiums Most employers think their benefits communication is effective but few employees feel well informed Under-educated employees are making expensive decisions Surely there are more options for proactive organizations than just waiting for the […]

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Impact 401(k) Participation with Open Enrollment

Connecting retirement benefits to the health benefit open enrollment period can dramatically increase 401(k) participation, found Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  By providing easy “one-click” access to enroll in or make Drive 401(k) participation by tying to Open Enrollment contribution changes to 401(k) plans during open enrollment, employers have seen an increase in participation.   The study […]

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How to Get Started with Financial Wellness

A recent study by Fidelity and the NBGH revealed that employer spending on wellness programs grew 43% to $154/employee in 2010. This level of growth and investment provides evidence that wellness Start with a Financial Health Assessment initiatives are:   (1) becoming much more comprehensive and (2) demonstrating tangible business value. In our own experiences with HR professionals, we […]

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