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Tackling Retail’s Employee Engagement Challenges


It doesn’t matter if a retailer sells designer shoes, computer equipment, medical supplies, or submarine sandwiches — employee engagement is on the minds of leaders from the C-Suite to the stockroom. With engagement tied to everything from employee retention and benefits participation to job satisfaction and productivity, it’s no surprise retail operations want to achieve […]

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The Savvy HR Team’s Guide to Promoting Health Care Consumerism in 2015

Learn tips for HR teams wanting to maximize employee engagement around health care and wellness programs

Health care reform has stretched the limits of creativity of the human resources team. Between exploring ways to counter their ever-rising health care benefit spend and communicating complex topics of the ACA to a widespread employee base, HR professionals have been elbow-deep in health care — and hopefully, embracing the opportunity to expand their knowledge […]

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Corporate Wellness is Incomplete Without Financial Wellness

Helping your employees keep their finances healthy should be an important part of any wellness program

Picture the quintessential healthy employee, sitting with perfect posture and smiling over her ergonomic keyboard, enjoying a mid-afternoon snack of green tea with carrot sticks and hummus. She surely doesn’t have dark circles under her eyes from staying up all night worrying about repaying student loans or not contributing enough to her 401(k), right? Well, […]

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Disruptive HR Models: Keith Kitani on American Dreams – Keys to Life’s Success radio program

GuideSpark’s CEO Keith Kitani was featured on Alan Olsen’s American Dreams: Keys to Life’s Success radio program in January 2015. The interview explores a range of topics including Keith’s background, the GuideSpark journey, the evolution of HR technology, the challenges of building a start up and SaaS platform, and much more. Click here to watch […]

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