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3 Ways to Keep Employees Tuned In About Benefits All Year Long

There’s so much to consider when selecting customized benefits packages – for employees and human resources. These complex plans are overwhelming to communicate and confusing to comprehend – from health care reform to wellness programs –  packing everything into open enrollment season simply isn’t very effective for long-term learning or sound decision-making. By turning benefits […]

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Wooing, Winning, and “Wow”ing Top Talent

If your talent management program were set to music, would your top job candidates and employees be whirling classical pirouettes, gliding through a waltz, or free-styling to modern jazz? We don’t think it matters, as long as they’re dancing — staying productive, engaged, and motivated from the first interview through multiple work anniversaries. How can […]

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How to Build the Perfect Employee Through Career Development

An ongoing challenge facing HR professionals is filling open positions with qualified candidates. In a competitive market where certain skill sets are hard to find, recruiting is so much more than simply staffing. It’s identifying people with the right combination of experience, specialized skills, and personality. It’s balancing their hard skills with their soft skills. […]

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The 4 Cs of an Open Enrollment Communications Campaign

Think Like a Marketer This OE Season Everybody’s talking about how to engage employees during the upcoming open enrollment season. You want to maximize your benefits spend, especially in today’s economy, and you want employees to take full advantage of the benefits you offer, understand them and see their value — not just passively default […]

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5 Reasons Employees Are Losing Interest in Your HR Training Presentations

We’ve all been there: standing in a conference room in front of a group people, presenting information no one’s very excited about. Through the blinding light of the overhead projector, we can see pretty clearly that they’re bored, listless and getting worse by the minute, despite the donuts and coffee we’ve provided. Is it that […]

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