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‘Tis the Busy Shopping Season for Retailers: Give Yourself the Gift of an Easier Open Enrollment Period

Enjoy the gift of a stress-free Open Enrollment season!

It’s early December. While most HR professionals are in the throes of open enrollment season, HR professionals in retail organizations are trying to survive the holiday shopping season. “We’ve made it past Black Friday,” you might be saying, “and we just need to make it through Christmas!” For you, open enrollment is still several hustles […]

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Navigating the Wild West of Social Media in the Workplace

There's a new Sheriff in town, and it's up to you to navigate the terrain of social media in the workplace

You’ve heard the social media horror stories and cautionary tales such as the employee who Tweeted about their burgers containing horse meat or the employee who posted a photo of a customer’s dinner bill annotated with unsavory comments. Or how about the prospective employee who shared with the world her unfortunate dilemma of weighing a […]

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In the World of Employee Engagement, is Perception Reality?

New research reveals insights into employee engagement you can get to work on right away!

The ADP Research Institute’s research report, Human Capital Management’s Employee Disconnect: A Global Snapshot, sheds a curious light on what employees think about how their organization is run and the value of their involvement in the company. The report is based on three studies conducted throughout 2013 measuring the perceptions employees, HR leaders, and other […]

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